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Studio D • Friday morning, 9:00–12:00

Mentorship and Diversity

Chair: J. Daniel Jenkins (University of South Carolina), Chair

Part I: Roundtable Discussion

Part II: The Pipeline


This session will focus on the role that mentorship plays in the lives and career successes of racially and ethnically diverse students and scholars. The session will have two parts. Part I will feature a roundtable discussion in which a group of participants of diverse backgrounds and experiences react to and discuss readings about the topic of mentorship. In Part II, we will discuss the pipeline that one travels from high school through undergraduate education, graduate school, landing a job, and finally, getting tenure. Mentors and mentees who represent each stage of this process will reflect on the particulars of their situations, as well as offer more general advice. We hope the session will allow us to reflect on the challenges that lie before us in our efforts to be good mentors and to consider what strategies we might employ to improve the diversity of the Society.