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Studio D • Thursday evening, 7:30–10:30

Preparing Articles for Publication

Roger Graybill (New England Conservatory), Moderator



Converting a Dissertation into Articles (7:30–9:00)

This short session explores the challenges of converting a dissertation into an article (or several articles), and proposes ways of effectively meeting those challenges. The four-member panel includes authors who have successfully done so, as well as editors who have shepherded that process. Anticipated topics include:

Preparing Musical Examples, Graphics, and Audio/Visual Materials for Publication (9:00–10:30)

The impact of an article is greatly influenced by the supplemental materials accompanying it: notated musical examples, graphics, tables and charts, and (in online journals) audio and video files. But creating effective materials can be a challenge, and journal guidelines tend to provide little guidance for how to do so. This session discusses (1) ways of maximizing the effectiveness of such materials, and (2) the “nuts-and-bolts” of generating them.