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Lightning Talks

Janet Bourne (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Hidden Topics: Music Analysis and Representations of Gender, Race, and Genius in Hidden Figures

Scott Murphy (University of Kansas)

S Is a New H: Generalizing Uncanny Triadic Progressions in Recent Popular Film Music

Catrin Watts (The University of Texas, at Austin)

Popular Music and Identity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Christopher Doll (Rutgers University)

Reconcilable Differences: Classical versus Popular Music in The Royal Tenenbaums

Andrew Schartmann (Yale University)

Expectation Modules and Listener Fatigue in Koji Kondo’s Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Sarah Gates (Northwestern University)

Enjoying the Grind: Musical Encouragement of Repetitive Action in Final Fantasy X

Steven Reale (Youngstown State University)

Serendipitous Intertextuality: Video Games and Royalty-Free Music

Jeremy Orosz (University of Memphis)

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Sound-alikes, like never before!

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