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Studio E • Friday evening, 5:15–7:15

History of Theory Interest Group Meeting

Carmel Raz (Columbia University), Co-Chair
Roger Mathew Grant (Wesleyan University), Co-Chair

We are pleased to feature the following presentation. Prof. Schubert's talk will be followed by our usual business meeting.

“One will easily understand later...”: Reading Musical Examples in Treatises"

Peter Schubert (McGill University)

While teachers and authors in the Renaissance were sometimes reluctant to share all their secrets in their prose, they often hid important messages in their musical examples. Some of these can change the way we think about the authors, and, more importantly, about the music they addressed. I will show instances that have gone overlooked from treatises by Thomas Morley, Gioseffo Zarlino, Francisco de Montanos, and Pietro Cerone.