Friday Afternoon Sessions

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Music and Multimedia: Theory and Musicology in Dialogue (AMS/SMT) (Crockett AB)

Sponsored by the AMS Music and Media Study Group and SMT Film and Multimedia Interest Group

Contingent Labor in the Academy: Issues and Advocacy (AMS) (Presidio B)

Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues
Reba Wissner, Chair; Deborah Heckert, Respondent


Roots and Records: Analyzing Bluegrass and Americana (SMT) (Texas A)

Chelsea Burns, Chair; Steven Rings, Respondent
This session will be streamed live on the internet


Agency, Algorithms, Aurality (SMT) (Lone Star B)

Maryam Moshaver, Chair

Arcadia and the Pastoral (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Basil Considine, Chair

Beethoven Elsewhere (AMS) (Republic B)

Tekla Babyak, Chair

Composing Notre Dame Polyphony (AMS) (Texas F)

Mary Wolinski, Chair

Contesting European Music (AMS) (Crockett AB)

Laura Tunbridge, Chair

Crossing the Pacific (AMS) (Texas C)

Jeongwon Joe, Chair

Dance Forms (SMT) (Travis AB)

Gretchen Horlacher, Chair

Panel: Diversity in Publication (AMS) (Presidio B)

Sponsored by the Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues
Mary C. Francis and Shawn Keener, Chairs

Emigrés and Stereotypes (AMS) (Texas D)

Michael Ochs, Chair

Seminar: On the Academic Pipeline (AMS) (Texas E)

Ellie Hisama and Matthew Leslie Santana, conveners

Radio (AMS) (Crockett CD)

Beth Levy, Chair

Seventeenth-Century Italian Voices and Bodies (AMS) (Texas B)

Robert Holzer, Chair

Unity, Geometry, and Aesthetics: Revivals of Pythagoreanism in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Music Theory (SMT) (Travis CD)

Nathan John Martin, Chair


Posters (AMS) (Lone Star CDEF)

Cultural Exchange (AMS) (Crockett AB)

Beau Bothwell, Chair

Explorations of Sound (AMS) (Crockett CD)

Amy Bauer, Chair

Manuscripts (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Catherine Saucier, Chair

Media Transformations (AMS) (Texas B)

Nick Stevens, Chair

Modern Figures in the History of Music Theory (SMT) (Travis CD)

Alan Street, Chair

New Histories of “Latin American” Opera (AMS) (Texas F)

Rogerio Budasz, Chair

Nineteenth-Century Music: New Perspectives (SMT) (Travis AB)

Daniel Harrison, Chair

Objects and Mediators (SMT) (Lone Star B)

Alexander Rehding, Chair

Recognizing Women’s Labor (AMS) (Texas C)

Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden, Chair

“Who is this?” Listening for Practices of Antiphonal Life in African American Music and Performance (AMS) (Texas D)

Nina Sun Eidsheim, Chair

Panel: Workshop on Access and Accessibility (AMS) (Texas E)

Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Women and Gender
Mary Hunter, Chair