Friday Morning Sessions

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The Debussy Sound and the Cultural Imagination (AMS/SMT) (Texas D)

Gurminder K. Bhogal and Marianne Wheeldon, Conveners


Special Session: Active Citizenship (Texas A)

Nancy Rogers, Chair
This session will be streamed live on the internet

Bodies and Instruments (AMS) (Texas E)

Ivan Raykoff, Chair

Composers and Performance Spaces (AMS) (Texas F)

David Bernstein, Chair

Cross-Currents in Communist Countries (AMS) (Republic B)

William Quillen, Chair

Inter- and Intra-Cultural Scale Studies (SMT) (Travis CD)

Nancy Yunhwa Rao, Chair

Late Haydn (AMS) (Crockett AB)

Bruce MacIntyre, Chair

Latin American Cathedrals (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Carol A. Hess, Chair

Mid-Century Jazz (AMS) (Texas B)

Darren Mueller, Chair

Musical Networks, Medieval and Early Modern (AMS) (Texas C)

Evan A. MacCarthy, Chair

Nineteenth-Century Spaces and Spectacles (AMS) (Crockett CD)

Matthew Franke, Chair

Process, Groove, and Backbeat (SMT) (Lone Star B)

Robin Attas, Chair

Schubert and Form (SMT) (Travis AB)

René Rusch, Chair


Special Session: Gestural Politics of Movement: New Perspectives on Music and Current Social Issues (Texas F)

Georgia Cowart, Chair

Black Voice (AMS) (Texas E)

Johann Buis, Chair

Brahms Reconsidered (SMT) (Travis AB)

Nicole Grimes, Chair

Global Temporalities, Global Pedagogies (SMT) (Travis CD)

John Roeder, Chair

Jazz Idioms (AMS) (Crockett AB)

Jeffrey Taylor, Chair

Latin American Voices (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Walter Clark, Chair

Militarism and Monuments (AMS) (Crockett CD)

Katherine Hambridge, Chair

New York Soundscapes (AMS) (Texas B)

Jacob A. Cohen, Chair

Rethinking Aural Skills Instruction through Cognitive Research (SMT) (Texas A)

Sponsored by the SMT Pedagogy Interest Group
Stacey Davis, Chair; Elizabeth West Marvin, Respondent
This session will be streamed live on the internet

Seventeenth-Century France (AMS) (Presidio B)

Antonia L. Banducci, Chair

Tonal Multiplicity in Popular Music (SMT) (Lone Star B)

Mark Spicer, Chair

Twenty-First-Century Opera (AMS) (Republic B)

Ryan Ebright, Chair

Women Empowered (AMS) (Texas C)

Laura Stokes, Chair