Friday Morning Meetings

7:00–8:00 Yoga Flow with Samantha Bassler (Texas B)
7:00–8:45 AMS Chapter Officers (Presidio A)
7:00–8:45 AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues (Bowie C)
7:00–8:45 AMS Communications Committee (Republic C)
7:00–8:45 AMS Committee on the History of the Society  (Bowie A)
7:00–8:45 SMT Committee on the Status of Women Breakfast Meeting (Suite B)
7:00–8:45 Music Theory Online Editorial Board (Republic A)
7:00–8:45 Music Theory Spectrum Editorial Board (Bonham D)
7:00–8:45 Bloomsbury Cultural History of Music Project (Texas D)
7:00–9:00 AMS Committee on Technology (Bonham A)
7:00–9:00 Mozart Society of America Board (Presidio C)
7:30–8:45 Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Dissertation Fellowship Committee (Bonham C)
7:30–8:45 SMT Breakfast Reception for Students hosted by the Professional Development Committee (Bowie B)
7:30–8:45 AMS Graduate Education Committee (Suite A)
7:30–8:45 AMS Program Committees for the 2018 and 2019 Annual Meetings (San Jacinto)
7:30–8:45 AMS Student Representatives to Council (Bonham B)
7:30–9:00 American Brahms Society Board of Directors  (Bonham E)
7:30–9:00 BACH: Journal of the Riemenschneider Bach Institute Board (Independence)
9:00–12:00 SMT Graduate Student Workshop I (Seguin A)
Issues in Popular-Music Analysis
Nicole Biamonte (McGill University), leader
9:00–12:00 SMT Graduate Student Workshop II (Seguin B)
Code Shifting, Chromaticism, and Modality
Dmitri Tymoczko (Princeton University), leader