Saturday, November 14, 9:00–12:00 CST

9:00–9:45 CST

Morning Yoga(AMS Platform)

10:00–10:50 CST

Joni Mitchell

Lloyd Whitesell, Chair

  • Peter Kaminsky and Megan Lyons, Enactive Soundscapes: Physio-musical and Formal Process in the Music of Joni Mitchell
  • Nancy Murphy, Metric Freedom and Confessional Performance Practice in Joni Mitchell’s “Blue”
Brahms and Beethoven

Frank Samarotto, Chair

  • Lucy Y. Liu, Musical Logic in the Slow Movement of Brahms’s Second Symphony
  • Risa Okina, Revealing the Secret: The Musical Uncanny and its Narrative Implications in the Finale of Brahms’s Piano Quintet in F minor, op. 34
  • Thomas Posen, The Eroica Continuity Sketches: A Form-Functional Perspective
Pedagogy and Cognition Poster Session

Jenine Brown, Chair

  • Sarah Gates, The Making of a Theorist: On the Cognition of Music-Theoretic Expertise
  • Ivan Jimenez, Tuire Kuusi, Isabella Czedik-Eysenberg, and Christoph Reuter, The Effect of Vertical Pitch Structures, Timbre, and Duration on Memory for Chords
  • Sarah Louden, Using Principles of Crossmodal Perception to Promote Accessibility and Diversity in the Classroom
  • Jennifer Shafer, Spaced Learning, Screen Names, and Speed: Fluent Fundamentals in Fifty Minutes Per Week
  • Brian Edward Jarvis and John Peterson, Don't Count Your Cadences Before They Hatch: Advocating for Discussions of Closure in Pedagogical Contexts
Queer Resource Group

Taylor Myers, Chair

10:00–11:30 CST

Special Session: Black Lives Matter in Music: A Conversation with Tazewell Thomson, Librettist of 'Blue' (AMS Platform)

Steve Swayne, Moderator

  • Naomi Andre and Richard Desinord, Panelists

11:00-11:50 CST

Unsettling Encounters: Transfer, Exchange, and Hybridity in Global Music Theory

Anna Zayaruznaya, Chair

  • Andrew Hicks, The Original Global and the Global Origins of Music Theory
  • Roger Mathew Grant, Pedagogy and Seduction in the Eighteenth-Century Mission Music of Bolivia
  • Daniel Walden, Global Tonnetze
Scripts, Schemas, and Prototypes

Lawrence Zbikowski, Chair

  • Richard Ashley, On Prototypes and the Prototypical: An Investigation of Music-Theoretic Concepts
  • Matthew Boyle, Begging Cadences, or The Rossinian Art of Pandering
  • Nathaniel Mitchell, The “Se cerca” Script: Dialogic Networks in an Eighteenth-Century Aria Tradition
Popular Music Interest Group

Christine Boone, Chair

  • Maya Gibson, Monstrous Men
  • Tanya Honerman, The Music of 'Monstrous Men
  • Trevor de Clerq, The Musicians Behind the Monsters
  • Emily Milius, Monstrosity in the Classroom: Is it Really Worth It?
  • William Cheng, Response
Music and Disabilty Interest Group

Chantal Lemire, Chair