Sunday, November 15, 3:00–6:00 CST

3:00–3:15 CST

SMT Awards Presentation

Catherine Nolan, Chair

3:00–4:50 CST

Coffee Break

3:00–5:00 CST

Exhibit Hall Open Hours

5:00–5:50 CST

Substantial Similarity and the Role of Forensic Musicology in Music Copyright Litigation (AMS Platform)

  • Katherine Leo, Can You Copyright a Chord Progression?: Evaluating Harmonic Similarity in Federal Copyright Litigation
  • Alexander Stewart, Melody, “Beats,” and Minimalism: Protectability in Contemporary Popular Music
  • Devin Chaloux, When Analysis is Performance, What Ethical Guidelines Must Forensic Musicologists Consider?
  • Dana DeVlieger, Searching for Similarity: Confirmation Bias in Partisan Forensic Musicology
  • Andre Redwood, Sharp Contrasts on “Blurred Lines”: Williams v. Gaye and a Clash of Amici