Sunday evening, November 15, 6:00–8:30 CST

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Pedagogy for the Public: Using Social Media Strategies to Create Understanding and Engagement

Matthew Baumer and Leigh VanHandel, Co-Chairs

Long before the pandemic’s rush to online teaching, social media content creators were doing useful work explaining musical ideas in ways that students and non-specialists could understand. In music history, Linda Shaver-Gleason's “Not Another Music History Cliché!” blog was well-received by specialists and non-specialists alike. In memory of her untimely passing, our session will focus on the pedagogy of outreach, bringing together a panel of content creators and public scholars in both disciplines. We seek to demonstrate how we can make musicology/theory more accessible, both to college students and to the public.

The session will comprise two 75-minute panel discussions, each with four presenters. The first discussion will explore “Media Methods,” with presentations on the pedagogical aspects of podcasting, the critical evaluation of media claims, Instagram, and digital literacy. The second discussion will focus on “Creating a Channel,” with presentations on community engaged scholarship, “explainer” videos, establishing a YouTube presence, and creating music theory materials for a broad audience.