Sunday, Nov. 15, 11:30–3:15 CST

11:30–12:45 CST

Using Open Educational Resources for Inclusive, Flexible, and Innovative Music Theory Pedagogy

Bryn Hughes, Chair and Discussant

  • Bryn Hughes, Introduction
  • Kyle Gullings, In the Trenches Using OMT
  • Chelsey Hamm, Supporting AP Music Theory: Open Music Theory’s Secondary School Outreach
  • Megan Lavengood, Not Just a Theory: How to Put an Egalitarian Music Theory Curriculum into Practice
  • Brian Edward Jarvis and John Peterson, Assessing for Retention: Modeling Creative, Multi-Use Quiz Design
  • Mark Gotham, Computational Methods for Augmented Anthologies

12:00–12:50 CST

Postwar Transformations of the American Common Stock

Chelsea Burns, Chair

  • Nicholas Stoia, The Transformation of Prewar Blues Into Postwar Rhythm and Blues
  • Jocelyn R. Neal, “Show Me”: Fiddle Breaks and Politics in Country Covers of R&B
  • Evan Rapport, Common Stock Sources of Early American Punk
Reconsidering Schenker and Hierarchy

Jason Hooper, Chair

  • David R. W. Sears, Emergent Hierarchies: Harmonic Reduction from the Bottom Up
  • Vivian Luong, Redrawing Analytical Lines
  • Alan Dodson, Schenker’s Nodal Points and “the Higher Requirement of Tonality”

1:00–1:50 CST

Perspectives on Metal Music

Jose M. Garza, Jr., Chair

  • Lori Burns, Female-Fronted Extreme Metal: Jinjer, Gender, and Genre Norms in Sound & Image
  • Guy Capuzzo, ”Dance to the Dissonant Sway”: Groove, Headbanging, and Entrainment in Extreme Metal
  • Calder Hannan, Tempo, But For Whom? Rhythmic Parallax in Car Bomb’s “Blackened Battery”
  • Stephen Hudson, How Much Math is in Math Rock? Riffs, Progressive Rhythm, and Embodied Music Theory
Clara and Robert Schumann

Stephen Rodgers, Chair

  • Andrew Malilay White, Entextualization in Clara Schumann’s Nineteenth-Century Pianism
  • Julie Pedneault-Deslauriers, Beyond Vierhebigkeit: Phrase Structure and Poetic Meaning in Three Lieder by Clara Schumann
  • Alexander Martin, Parenthetical Insertions and Ellipses in Robert Schumann’s Eichendorff Liederkreis
Music Informatics Interest Group

Christopher White, University of Massachusetts Amherst

1:00–2:15 CST

Roles and Ethics in the Peer Review Process

Sponsored by the Professional Development Committee
Nicole Biamonte, Chair and Moderator

  • Joseph Straus, Some Practical Suggestions for Writing Reader’s Reports and for Reading Them
  • Jennifer Iverson, Harassing Behaviors in Peer Review
  • Christopher Segall, How to Write a Reader’s Report
  • Nicole Biamonte, Best Practices for Journal-Submission Communications

2:00–3:30 CST

The Sound Object and Music Media (AMS Platform)

Sponsored by the AMS Music and Media Study Group and SMT Film and Multimedia Interest Group
Kate Galloway, Julianne Grasso, William O'Hara, Katherine Reed, Reba Wissner, Moderators

2:30–3:00 CST

SMT Business Meeting

Patricia Hall, President

3:00–3:15 CST

SMT Awards Presentation

Catherine Nolan, Chair