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Roles and Ethics in the Peer Review Process

Nicole Biamonte (McGill University), Chair and Moderator

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Some Practical Suggestions for Writing Reader’s Reports and for Reading Them

Joseph Straus (The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Joseph Straus is Distinguished Professor of Music Theory at the CUNY Graduate Center.  He has written numerous articles and scholarly monographs on a variety of topics in modernist music. He has also written a series of articles and books that engage disability as a cultural practice, most recently Broken Beauty: Musical Modernism and the Representation of Disability (published by Oxford University Press in 2018).   He was President of SMT in the late 90’s.

Harassing Behaviors in Peer Review

Jennifer Iverson (University of Chicago)

Jennifer Iverson is an Associate Professor of Music and the Humanities at the University of Chicago. She is the author of Electronic Inspirations: Technologies and the Cold War Musical Avant-Garde (OUP 2019). Her articles on electronic music and disability studies topics can be read in journals such as Music Theory SpectrumJournal of the American Musicological Societytwentieth-century musicMusic Theory Online, Music AnalysisTempoContemporary Music Review, and Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies, the Oxford Handbook of Music and Disability Studies, and the Routledge Companion to Music Theory Pedagogy. She has served the profession in various capacities, including currently on the Council of the AMS and the Executive Board of the SMT.

How to Write a Reader’s Report

Christopher Segall (University of Cincinnati)

Christopher Segall is Associate Professor of Music Theory at the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati. He is contributing co-editor, with Inessa Bazayev, of Analytical Approaches to 20th-Century Russian Music (Routledge, 2020). His research on Russian music theory, musical transformation, and formal function appears in the Journal of Music Theory, Journal of Musicology, Music Theory Online, Music Theory and Analysis, Theoria, Theory and Practice, and Music and Politics.

Best Practices for Journal-Submission Communications

Nicole Biamonte (McGill University)

Nicole Biamonte is associate professor of music theory at McGill University. She has published articles and book chapters on the theory and analysis of popular music, 19th-century musical historicism, and music theory pedagogy, including her edited collection Pop-Culture Pedagogy in the Music Classroom (Scarecrow, 2010). She is a past editor of Music Theory Online.