Saturday midday, November 7, 1–1:50 CST

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Russian Music Theory Interest Group

Ellen Bakulina (University of North Texas), Chair

The Russian IG meeting will consist of four lightning talks. These papers were accepted through a peer-review process, and the reviewing committee consisted of Inessa Bazayev, Simon Prosser, and Ellen Bakulina.

Attingent Harmonic Function in Zara Levina’s Poem for Viola and Piano

Christopher Segall (University of Cincinnati)

Christopher Segall is Associate Professor of Music Theory at the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati. He is contributing co-editor, with Inessa Bazayev, of Analytical Approaches to 20th-Century Russian Music (Routledge, 2020). His research on Russian music theory, musical transformation, and formal function appears in the Journal of Music Theory, Journal of Musicology, Music Theory Online, Music Theory and Analysis, Theoria, Theory and Practice, and Music and Politics.

Ivan Wyschnegradsky and the Enigma of Modern Music

Lee Cannon-Brown (Harvard University)

Twelve-Tone Technique as a Formal Device in the Works of Shostakovich

Jacy Pedersen (University of Cincinnati)

Musical Forces in the Serial Music of Igor Stravinsky

Adam Moffett (University of Southern Mississippi)