Sunday midday, November 8, 1-1:50 CST

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History of Theory Interest Group, jointly with AMS History of Music Theory Study Group

Roger Mathew Grant and Carmel Raz, co-chairs

This year's virtual AMS/SMT meeting will feature a joint meeting of the AMS/SMT Study/Interest Groups in the History of Theory. At 1:00 pm (CST) on Sunday November 8, we will gather virtually for a roundtable discussion of the think piece "Can the History of Theory Be Decentered?" by Alex Rehding (Harvard University), which was published earlier this year on our History of Music Theory Blog). We're delighted to welcome as respondents for the session Stephanie Probst (Sound and Materialism in the 19th century, University of Cambridge), Katherine Schofield (King's College London), and Olivia Bloechl (University of Pittsburgh). 

All are welcome, and participants are kindly requested to read Alex's (five-part) post in advance.