Sunday, November 8, 9:00–12:00 CST

9:00–9:45 CST

Morning Mindfulness (AMS Platform)

10:00–10:50 CST

Microrhythm and Displacement in Hip-Hop and Funk

Anne Danielsen, Chair

  • Ben Duinker, Functions of Expressive Timing in Hip-Hop Flow
  • Michael Bruschi, The Role of Beat Two in Funky Grooves
  • Fred Hosken, Metric Feel and Form in “Superstition”: Analyzing Stevie Wonder’s Beat “Pockets”
History of Theory

Maryam A. Moshaver, Chair

  • Russell O’Rourke, Where Zarlino Got His Listener
  • David E. Cohen, “In which it is evident that perception is always deceived”: Pythagorean Rationality and Descartes’ “Clear and Distinct Ideas”
  • Carmel Raz, Blinded by “Nature”: Walter Young’s “Essay on Rythmical Measures” (1790)
Transformational and Serial Techniques Poster Session

Richard Cohn, Chair

  • Kája Lill , N-dimensional Ski-hill Graphs and Complex Meters
  • M.A. Coury-Hall, Reconsidering Negative Harmony: Melodic Dualism in Bárdos’ Scalar Schemata
  • David Orvek, Schubert, Schoenberg, and Some Extensions to Cohn’s Sum-Class System
  • Lauren Hartburg, Mapping Schnittke’s Sequences in Bonded Uniform Triadic Transformation Spaces
  • Jack Boss and Tim S. Pack, George Theophilus Walker: A Unique, African-American, Voice in Twelve-Tone Music

10:00–11:50 CST

Global Interculturalism and Musical Peripheries and Analysis of World Music Joint Interest Group Meeting

Chris Stover and Anna Yu Wang, Co-Chairs

  • Anna Yu Wang, In Exchange for Modernity
  • Priyanka Venkatesh, Discovering India in Western Art Music: An Exploration of Exoticism and Interculturality in Works for Western Violin
  • Dustin Chau, Gates’ Signifyin(g), Kane’s Ontology_ Jazz Standard Replications Through an Afrological Lens
  • Lucy Y. Liu, Counter-framing and the Styles of Analytical Critical Discourse
  • Stephen Lett, Hungry Theorizing
  • Nathan Lam, Jianpu and the third solfege
  • Clare Eng, Between Cultural Appropriation and Perpetuating White Superiority
  • Gavin Lee, Posthumanist Music Theory, Or, The End of Formalism

11:00-11:50 CST

Salvatore Sciarrino's Novel Forms: Organic Ideals and Multilinear Temporalities

Orit Hilewicz, Chair; Robert Hasegawa, Respondent

  • Robert Hasegawa, Response
  • Christian Utz, Imperceptible Beginnings and Inescapable Endings: Suspended and Enhanced Temporality in the Semanticized Form of Salvatore Sciarrino
  • Antares Boyle, Gestural Time and Grundgestalt in Sciarrino’s Recitativo Oscuro
  • Mingyue Li, Through Chaos: Conceiving A New Organicism in the Music of Salvatore Sciarrino
Schubert and Chopin

Jonathan Guez, Chair

  • Stephen Gomez-Peck, (Hyper)metrical Games in Schubert’s Early Piano Sonatas
  • Caitlin Martinkus, Form-Functional Displacement in Schubert’s Sonata Forms
  • David Falterman, Analyzing Chopin’s Fourth Ballade Through a Two-Dimensional Lens
Schemas, Frames, and Paradigms Poster Session

Janna Saslaw, Chair

  • Megan Kaes Long, Complicating the Modal Paradigm with the Music of William Byrd
  • Gilad Rabinovitch, What Kind of Linear Theory is Schema Theory?
  • Jordan Lenchitz, Spectral Fission in Barbershop Harmony
  • Tom Johnson, Megan Lavengood, and Evan Williams, Tracing Music Theory’s (un)Shifting Frames: A Natural Language Processing Approach

11:00-12:30 CST

Workshop – Histories of Music Theory Pedagogy: Techniques, Institutions, Epistemologies (AMS Platform)

  • Lindsay Wright, Benjamin Steege, Fanny Gribenski, Emily Dolan, Anicia Timberlake, Michael Weinstein-Reiman, and Joshua Navon, Panelists