Sunday morning, November 8, 10-11:50 CST

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Global Interculturalism and Musical Peripheries and Analysis of World Music Joint Interest Group Meeting

Chris Stover and Anna Yu Wang, Co-Chairs

In Exchange for Modernity

Anna Yu Wang (Harvard University)

Discovering India in Western Art Music: An Exploration of Exoticism and Interculturality in Works for Western Violin

Priyanka Venkatesh (UCLA)

Gates’ Signifyin(g), Kane’s Ontology_ Jazz Standard Replications Through an Afrological Lens

Dustin Chau (University of Chicago)

Counter-framing and the Styles of Analytical Critical Discourse

Lucy Y. Liu (Illinois Wesleyan University)

Hungry Theorizing

Stephen Lett (University of Saskatchewan)

Jianpu and the third solfege

Nathan Lam (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Between Cultural Appropriation and Perpetuating White Superiority

Clare Eng (Belmont University)

Posthumanist Music Theory, Or, The End of Formalism

Gavin Lee (Soochow University)