Saturday Afternoon Sessions

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Alt-Ac to Alt+Ac: Redefining Musicology Careers in the Twenty-First Century (AMS) (Presidio B)

Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues
Paul Christiansen and Margaret Butler, Co-Chairs

More than Scores: Musicology and Metadata (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Technology
Richard Freedman, Chair; Carl Stahmer, Guest Speaker


SMT Plenary Session, 2:15–5:15 (Texas AB)

2:15–3:15 SMT Business Meeting
3:15–3:30 SMT Awards Presentation
3:45–5:15 SMT Keynote Address

Carolyn Abbate, “Lightness, Improvisation, and What Is Knowable”
Brian Kane, Respondent



Beyond the Canon: Strategies for Teaching outside Your Comfort Zone (AMS) (Presidio B)

Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues
Evan A. MacCarthy, Chair

Endowed Lecture: AMS Committee on Women and Gender (AMS) (Texas E)

Mary Hunter, Chair; Sindhumathi Revuluri and Deborah Wong, Respondents

Eighteenth-Century Britain (AMS) (Texas F)

Simon McVeigh, Chair

Geography, Identity, and Pitch (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Jillian Rogers, Chair

Jazz Interactions (AMS) (Republic B)

William Bares, Chair

Nineteenth-Century Compositional Strategies (AMS) (Texas D)

Brian J. Hart, Chair

Ockeghem (AMS) (Travis CD)

Pamela Starr, Chair

Performance and Representation in the Seventeenth Century (AMS) ((Crockett AB)

Alexander Silbiger, Chair

Pushing Boundaries in Twentieth-Century Music (AMS) (Crockett CD)

Tina Frühauf, Chair


1968 Fifty Years Later: Anxiety and Authority in Musical Protest (AMS) ((Texas D)

Andrea F. Bohlman, Chair

British Modernism (AMS) (Crockett CD)

Philip Rupprecht, Chair

Chant (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Benjamin Brand, Chair

Latin American Music (AMS) (Crockett AB)

Ana Alonso-Minutti, Chair

Muses in the Shadows (AMS) (Texas C)

Benjamin Piekut, Chair

Music and Film (AMS) (Texas E)

Reba Wissner, Chair

Nineteenth-Century Soundscapes (AMS) (Republic B)

Peter Mondelli, Chair

Representation in the Eighteenth Century (AMS) (Travis CD)

Richard Will, Chair

Rethinking Renaissance Genres (AMS) (Texas F)

Mauro Calcagno, Chair