Saturday Morning Sessions

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Minimizing Implicit Bias to Improve Campus Climate: Developing Inclusive Classrooms and Faculty Search Processes (SMT) (Texas A)

Sponsored by the SMT Committee on the Status of Women
Judy Lochhead, Chair of the CSW
This session will be streamed live on the internet

Poster Session (SMT) (Lone Star CDEF)

Ciro Scotto, Chair


At the Eighteenth-Century Keyboard (AMS) (Crockett AB)

Bertil Van Boer, Chair

Brazil (AMS) (Texas D)

Kariann Goldschmitt, Chair

The Economics of Creativity (AMS) (Republic B)

William Weber, Chair

Electronic Studios (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Sabine Feisst, Chair

Jazz I: Improvisation and Intertextuality (SMT) (Travis AB)

Benjamin Givan, Chair

Media Consumption (AMS) (Crockett CD)

Christina Baade, Chair

Panel: Music, War, and Trauma in the Long Nineteenth Century (AMS) (Texas B)

Erin Johnson-Williams, Chair; Michelle Meinhart, Organizer

Negotiating Early-Modern Religious Identity (AMS) (Texas C)

Molly Breckling, Chair

New Outlooks on Concertos and Rondos (SMT) (Lone Star B)

Graham Hunt, Chair

Operatic Timbres (AMS) (Texas E)

Emily Richmond Pollock, Chair

Program, Schema, and Topic in Film (SMT) (Travis CD)

Frank Lehman, Chair

Representing Women (AMS) (Texas F)

Monica Hershberger, Chair


Constructing Sovereignty (AMS) (Texas B)

Annegret Fauser, Chair

Embodiment (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Davinia Caddy, Chair

Hip Hop (AMS) (Texas E)

Lauron Kehrer, Chair

Jazz II: Schemas, Scales, and Formulas (SMT) (Travis AB)

Janna Saslaw, Chair

Modernism in Herrmann’s Film Music: Vertigo as Case Study (SMT) (Lone Star B)

Janet Bourne, Chair

Music and Disaster, Natural and Human (AMS) (Crockett CD)

James Grymes, Chair

Nineteenth-Century French Opera (AMS) (Texas D)

Karen Henson, Chair

Theorizing Eighteenth-Century Music: Origins, Myths, and Countercurrents (SMT) (Travis CD)

Danuta Mirka, Chair

Timbre Analysis (AMS) (Crockett AB)

Jonathan De Souza, Chair

Panel: Unsettling Accounts: Slave Histories, Transatlantic Musical Culture, and Research through Practice (AMS) (Texas F)

Naomi André, Chair; Žak Ozmo, Organizer

Voice and Vocality in Medieval Occitanian Song (AMS) (Texas C)

Mary Channan Caldwell, Chair