Sunday Morning Sessions

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Diversity and Discipline in Hip-Hop Studies (AMS/SMT) (Texas F)

Lauron Kehrer and Mitchell Ohriner, Conveners

The Songs of Fanny Hensel (AMS/SMT) (Texas D)

R. Larry Todd, Chair


Distant Ecologies (AMS) (Crockett AB)

Holly Watkins, Chair

Epistemic Ethics: Music Historiography and the Colonial Archival Grain (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Olivia Bloechl, Chair

Music and the Sacred (AMS) (Texas B)

Melinda Latour, Chair

Operetta (AMS) (Texas E)

Lisa Feurzeig, Chair

Eighteenth Century (AMS) ((Texas C)

Samuel Brannon, Chair

Recorded Sound I (SMT) (Texas A)

Steven Rings, Chair

Spells and Games (SMT) (Travis AB)

Scott Murphy, Chair

Timbre and Orchestration (SMT) (Lone Star B)

Stephen McAdams, Chair

Wagner and Mahler (SMT) (Travis CD)

Matthew Bribitzer-Stull, Chair


Affect, Agency, Materiality: Thinking with the Eighteenth Century (AMS) (Texas B)

Thomas Christensen, Chair

Analytic Strategies for the Music of Ravel: Rhythm, Texture, and Timbre (SMT) (Lone Star B)

Gurminder K. Bhogal, Chair

Elaborations, Improvisations, and Modulations in Early Music (SMT) ((Travis AB)

Megan Kaes Long, Chair

Frottola Schmottola: Rethinking Italian Song ca. 1500 (AMS) ((Texas C)

Bonnie Blackburn, Chair

Meaningful Horns (AMS) (Lone Star A)

Beverly Wilcox, Chair

Recorded Sound II (SMT) (Texas A)

Sumanth Gopinath, Chair

Russian Music and Theory: Tradition and Transformation (SMT) (Travis CD)

Philip Ewell, Chair

Twentieth-Century Opera (AMS) (Texas E)

Harriet Boyd-Bennett, Chair