Thursday Evening Sessions

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AMS President’s Endowed Plenary Lecture (AMS) (Texas AB)

Martha Feldman, Chair; Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr., Interlocutor


Embodiment and Voice in Contemporary Music (SMT) (Travis AB)

Judith Lochhead, Chair


Extemporaneous Dialogues on Historical Improvisation: Bridging Music, Music History, and Theory (AMS/SMT) (Texas A)

Sponsored by the SMT Interest Group on Improvisation

Listening for the “San Antonio Sound” in Tejano Conjunto/Progressive Music (AMS/SMT) (Lone Star A)

Cathy Ragland, Moderator

Publishing in Journals Roundtable (AMS) (Presidio B)

Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues
Geraldine Richards, Chair

Rethinking the Enlightenment (AMS) (Lone Star B)

Charles Dill, Chair; William Weber, Commentator


Intoxication (AMS) (Texas B)

Sponsored by the AMS Music and Philosophy Study Group
Andrew Hicks, Chair


The Dynamics of the Job Interview (SMT) (Travis CD)

Sponsored by the SMT Professional Development Committee
Roger Graybill, Moderator

Music, Disability, and the Environment: Bridging Scholarship with Activism (AMS/SMT) (Texas F)

Sponsored by the AMS Music and Disability Study Group, SMT Music and Disability Interest Group, and AMS Ecocriticism Study Group
Jacob Cohen, Anabel Maler, and Jessica A. Holmes, Chairs

Music at the Border (AMS) (Crockett AB)

Sponsored by the AMS Ibero-American Music Study Group
Jesús A. Ramos-Kittrell, Chair

Othered within the Other: Marginalized Voices in Jewish Studies (AMS) (Republic B)

Sponsored by the AMS Jewish Studies and Music Study Group
Brigid Cohen, Chair and Respondent

Perspectives on Public Music Theory and Analysis (SMT) (Texas E)

Anna Gawboy, Chair

Rethinking Amateurism (AMS) (Crockett CD)

Sponsored by the AMS Popular Music Study Group
Albin Zak, Chair

Synchronizations (AMS) (Texas D)

Brian Kane, Chair

Teaching and Learning through Interdisciplinarity (AMS) (Texas C)

Sponsored by the AMS Pedagogy Study Group
Paula J. Bishop, Chair


Twentieth-Century Art Song: Babbitt and Beyond (SMT) (Travis AB)

Joshua Banks Mailman, Chair