Thursday Morning Meetings

7:30–9:00 Meeting Worker Orientation (Bonham DE)
8:00–12:00 AMS Board of Directors  (Bowie B)
8:00–12:00 SMT Executive Board  (Bowie A)
9:00–12:00 SMT Peer Learning Program Workshop I (Texas A)
Whose Body/Whose Beat? The Beat as Embodied Phenomenon in Music Theory and Popular Music
Mark Butler (Northwestern University), leader
9:00–12:00 SMT Peer Learning Program Workshop II (Lone Star B)
Techniques of the Listener
Brian Kane (Yale University), leader
9:00–12:00 The Works of Giuseppe Verdi Editorial Board  (Bowie C)
9:00–12:00 The Mendelssohn Network: In the Salon with the Mendelssohns  (Texas D)
10:00–12:00 SIMSSA: Single Interface for Music Score Searching and Analysis, Working Group  (Bonham B)
11:00–1:30 Society for Seventeenth-Century Music Governing Board  (Bonham C)
12:00–2:00 AMS Membership and Professional Development Committee  (Independence)
1:15–2:00 Welcome for those new to the Annual Meeting  (Presidio A)