Wednesday Meetings and Events

9:00–12:00 Grove Editorial Board (Crockett AB)
9:00–5:45 Staging Witches: Gender, Power, and Alterity in Music  (Lone Star A)
Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Women and Gender and the LGBTQ Study Group
1:00–5:00 Grove Editorial Board and Advisory Panel (Crockett AB)
2:00–6:00 SMT Executive Board (Bowie A)
2:00–8:00 AMS Board of Directors (Bowie B)
3:00 Diversifying Music Academia: Strengthening the Pipeline (UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures)
3:00–6:00 The Mendelssohn Network: Current Developments in Mendelssohn Research (Bonham B)
6:15–7:30 SMT Executive Board, Networking Committee, Publications Committee, and Publication Awards Committee Dinner (Lone Star B)
7:30–11:00 SMT Networking Committee (Bonham A)
7:30–11:00 SMT Publication Awards Committee (Bonham B)
7:30–11:00 SMT Publications Committee (Bonham C)