Graduate School Fair

The schools listed below are available to meet with prospective students and discuss their program during one of two blocks of time, 3:30–4:30 or 4:30–5:30. Click the Zoom links below to meet the school's representative.

Sunday, November 8 | 3:30–4:30 CST

CUNY Graduate Center

Representative(s) Attending: Poundie Burstein

Degrees offered: PhD in Music Theory

Eastman School of Music

Representative(s) Attending: Dave Headlam

Degrees offered: PhD Music Theory; MA Music Theory Pedagogy; BM Music Theory


Kent State University

Zoom passcode: 878700

Representative(s) Attending: Joshua Albrecht

Michigan State University

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Representative(s) Attending: Michael Callahan

Degrees offered: MM in Music Theory

Northwestern University, Music Theory & Cognition Program

Representative(s) Attending: Danuta Mirka and Vasili Byros



Princeton University

Representative(s) Attending: Elizabeth Margulis

Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Zoom Meeting ID: 971 6467 and 4845 Password: 994589

Representative(s) Attending: Nancy Rao

Degrees offered: MA and PhD in Music Theory

Program Description

Stephen F. Austin State University

Zoom Meeting ID: 998 4836 1810 and Passcode: 031449

Representative(s) Attending: Samantha M. Inman

Degrees offered: MM in Music Theory and the MM in Theory and Composition

Texas Christian University

Representative(s) Attending: Sean Atkinson

Degrees offered: MM in Music Theory, Composition, and Musicology

University of British Columbia

Zoom passcode: 363825

Representative(s) Attending: Leigh VanHandel and John Roeder

Degrees offered: MA and a Ph.D. program in Music Theory

University of California Irvine

Representative(s) Attending: Amy Bauer

Degrees offered: PhD in Music History and Music Theory

University of Connecticut

Representative(s) Attending: Ronald Squibbs

Degrees offered: MA Music Theory, MA Music History, and PhD Music Theory and History.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

Representative(s) Attending: Wesley Bradford

Degrees offered: MM in Music Theory/Composition

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Representative(s) Attending: Jason Hooper

Degrees offered: MM Music Theory

University of Missouri - Kansas City Conservatory

Representative(s) Attending: Owen Belcher

Degrees offered: MM Music Theory

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Representative(s) Attending: Andrea Bohlman

University of Texas at Arlington

Zoom Passcode: 970556

Informational Flyer
Graduate Fellowship

Representative(s) Attending: Dr. Graham G. Hunt

Degrees offered: MM Music Theory

University of Western Ontario

Zoom Meeting ID: 979 6443 3492 and Zoom Passcode: 814009

Representative(s) Attending: Catherine Nolan

Sunday, November 8 | 4:30–5:30 CST

Florida State University College of Music

Representative(s) Attending: Jane Piper Clendinning

Degrees offered: PhD in Music Theory, MM in Music Theory





Indiana University

Representative(s) Attending: Frank Samarotto, Emily Barbosa

Degrees offered: MM Music Theory, PhD Music Theory

McGill University, Schulich School of Music

Representative(s) Attending: Jon Wild

Stony Brook University, Department of Music

Zoom Meeting ID: 981 5654 0903 and Zoom Passcode: 609457

Representative(s) Attending: Judy Lochhead and August Sheehy

Temple University

Representative(s) Attending: Noriko Manabe and Edward Latham Degrees offered: MA Music, MM Music History, MM Music Theory, PhD Music (Music Theory, Music Studies, Musicology) Program description: Masters Program description: PhD

The Pennsylvania State University

Zoom Passcode: Passcode: 190928

Informational Flyer

Representative(s) Attending: Dr. Vincent P. Benitez

Degrees offered: MA in Music Theory; MA in Music Theory and History

University of Chicago, Department of Music

Representative(s) Attending: Thomas Christensen

Degrees offered: "PhD. While we are not accepting applications for entry to the 2021-22 class, we do plan on reopening applications for the following academic year.

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

Representative(s) Attending: Catherine Losada, Christopher Segall, and David Carson Berry

University of Colorado Boulder

Zoom Passcode: 439299

Informational Flyer

Representative(s) Attending: Keith Waters

Degrees offered: MM in Music Theory

University of Iowa, School of Music

Meeting ID: 945 6031 0639. Password: 451045.

Representative(s) Attending: Anabel Maler

Degrees offered: MA music theory; PhD music theory

University of Kansas

Zoom Meeting ID: 959 4828 0863, Passcode: 598610

Informational Flyer

Representative(s) Attending: Brad Osborn

University of Minnesota, Music Theory

Representative(s) Attending: Alyssa Barna and Sumanth Gopinath

Degrees offered: MM and PhD degrees in music theory

University of Michigan

Representative(s) Attending: Marc Hannaford

Degrees offered: PhD Music Theory and PhD Music Theory and Composition

University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Representative(s) Attending: Adam Ricci and/or Guy Capuzzo

Degrees offered: MM Music Theory

University of North Texas

Representative(s) Attending: Frank Heidlberger

Degrees offered: MA and PhD in Music, with a concentration in Music Theory.

University of South Carolina

Informational Flyer

Representative(s) Attending: Danny Jenkins

Degrees offered: MM in Music Theory

University of Toronto

Representative(s) Attending: Steven Vande Moortele, Daphne Tan, and Ryan McClelland