Thursday, November 4, 2:30 ET

2:30-4:00 ET

Delivery Schemata And Vocal Stress

Jocelyn Neal, Chair

  • Kristi Hardman, The Vocal Backbeat as a Text Painting Device in Recent Mainstream Country Music
  • Joseph VanderStel and David Temperley, Syncopation and Syllabic Stress in 20th-Century Popular Music
  • Mitchell Ohriner, Anaphoric Descents in Hip-Hop Vocal Delivery
Gestures And Fragments

Jonathan Bernard, Chair

  • John Heilig, Interpreting Harmony through Gesture in the Chromatic Music of Anton Webern
  • Daniel Moreira de Sousa, Textural Gestures in the Music of Edgard Varèse
  • Matthew Sandahl, Kurtág’s Fragmentary Forms: Incompletion and Unity in op.7 and op. 28
Poster Session 1: 20th/21st-Century Compositional Strategies

Patricia Hall, Chair

  • Yi-Cheng Daniel Wu, Durational and Formal Organizations in Guoping Jia's The Wind Sound in the Sky (2002)
  • Nathan Smith, Skiing in k Dimensions, Or, “Metric” k-ary n-Cubes in Some Music of (and since) Ligeti
  • Joshua Banks Mailman, The Notational Technology of Stockhausen’s Refrain Mediating Between Serialism and Aleatoricism
  • Charles Weaver, Messiaen’s Octatonic Voice Leading: A Neo-Riemannian Approach
  • Stephen C. Brown, Interval Pairing and the Tonnetz in the Music of Lutosławski
  • Niels Verosky, Extracting Scale Structure from Common Collections in Rock Music

2:30-4:30 ET

The Expanding History Of Theory I

Thomas Christensen, Chair

  • Navid Bargrizan, From Monophony to Melo-Harmony: How Harry Partch Influenced Manfred Stahnke
  • David E. Cohen, Marsilio Ficino’s Letter on Music Theory: Just Intonation, the Ovoid Scale, and the Neoplatonic One
  • Daniel Villegas Vélez, Ut pictura, musica: Zarlino and Galilei on the Nature of Mimesis
  • Garrett Groesbeck, Confronting Ma: Self-Orientalism and the Legacy of Tōru Takemitsu in Japanese Music Theory Discourse