Friday, November 5, 11:00 ET

11:00-12:30 ET

Transforming Tunes/Appropriating Styles

Mark Spicer, Chair

  • Frederick Reece, “Albinoni’s” Adagio: Baroque Forgeries and the Test of Time
  • Bruno Alcalde, Listener Interactions with Musical Hybridity in the Piano Puzzler Podcast
  • Ben Baker, Irony and Improvisation in Jazz Covers by The Bad Plus

Jason Yust Yust, Chair

  • Dmitri Tymoczko, The Quadruple Hierarchy
  • Patrick Domico and Lucy Y. Liu, Compositional Techniques that Define Stravinsky’s Neoclassical Counterpoint
  • Karl Braunschweig, Embedded Dissonance in 18th- and 19th-Century Theory and Practice
Rethinking Jazz

Garrett Michaelsen, Chair

  • Dustin Chau, Revisiting Kane’s Jazz Ontology: Signifyin(g) on Tune Titles
  • Stephen S. Hudson, Decentering White Music Theory with Jazz Theory and Drake
  • Timothy Koozin, The Music of Leanne La Havas: Embodiment and Mediation in Neo-Soul
Poster Session 2: The Late 18th Century – And Beyond

Nathan Martin, Chair

  • Christopher Segall, Sonata Form Without Main Theme
  • Ellen Bakulina and Edward Klorman, Cadence as a Hypermetrical Focus
  • Alan Elkins, Mixed Signals: Schematic and Form-Functional Ambiguity in the Keyboard Fantasias of C.P.E. Bach
  • Jenine Brown and Daphne Tan, A Context-Sensitive Approach to the Pre-Dominant Function
  • Damian Blättler, Deferred Tonic Returns in Maurice Ravel's Sonata Forms

11:00-2:15 ET

Antiracist Music Theories: Redefining The Discipline’s Key Terms

Jade Conlee (Yale University), Tatiana Koike (Yale University), Organizers

Philip Ewell (Hunter College of the City University of New York), Chair

  • Derek Baron, Autonomy: Liberal Musicology, Marxist Aesthetics, and Racial Capitalism
  • Sam Reenan, Form: Deconstructing Hierarchy and Standard
  • Renata Yazzie, Siihasin: A Diné Perspective on Music Analysis
  • José R. Torres-Ramos, Mariachismo: Sounded Hypermasculinity
  • Cat Slowik, The Technē Turn
  • Martin Scherzinger, Meter, Africanized
  • Daniel Walden, Pitch Fundamentalism and the Colonization of Tonal Space
  • Jade Conlee, Audiation, Musical Aptitude, and Racial Epistemology
  • Garrett Groesbeck, Scale, Chōshi, and the Tuning of the Heavens: Orientalism in Discussions of Japanese Music Theory
  • Brian Fairley, Polyphony: Difference and Separability in Global Perspective