Saturday, November 6, 12:45 ET

12:45-2:15 ET

Dance Explorations

Gretchen Horlacher, Chair

  • Rebecca Simpson-Litke, An Examination of Improvisatory Practices in Salsa Music and Dance
  • Amy Tai, Form in George Balanchine’s Concerto Barocco
  • Lindsay Rader, Choreographic and Musical Interplay in Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Bartók/Aantekeningen
Poster Session 4: Expanding Repertory For Pedagogy / Text Delivery In Pop And Rap

Kyle Adams, Chair

  • Anna Stephan-Robinson, Songs of Katherine Ruth Heyman: A New Diversity Resource for the Undergraduate Classroom
  • Angela Ripley, Diversity and Deeper Learning: Teaching Theory through Touchstones
  • Christopher Wm. White, Mara Breen, and Joe Pater, Some Properties of Text Delivery and Melodic Rhythm in Post-Millennial Popular Music
  • Hanisha Kulothparan, Flow in the Alter Egos of Nicki Minaj
Perspectives of Black Composers

Sponsored by the SMT Committee on Race and Ethnicity
Aaron Carter-Ényì (Morehouse College), Organizer; Panayotis Mavromatis (New York University), Moderator and Organizer; Jean Kidula (University of Georgia), Onyee N. Nwankpa (University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria), Gilad Rabinovitch (Florida State University), Robert Tanner (Morehouse College), Panelists

Shifting Meter

Samuel Ng, Chair

  • David Forrest, Form and Hypermeter in the Songs of Kate Bush
  • Soo Kyung Chung, Mixed Rhythms in Chopin’s Ballades and Scherzos
  • Robert L. Wells, Dancing with the Devil: Liszt’s Diabolical Metric Cycles

J. Daniel Jenkins, Chair

  • David Hier, Chromatic Function in Schoenberg’s Atonal Music
  • Andrew Eason, Cadence as Gesture in the Writings and Music of Arnold Schoenberg
  • Johanna Frymoyer, Dancing Dodecaphony: The Form and Function of the Waltz Topic in Schoenberg’s Twelve-Tone Music