Saturday, November 6, 11:00 ET

11:00-12:00 ET

The Expanding History Of Theory II

Alexander Rehding, Chair

  • Knar Abrahamyan, Yuri Kholopov’s Theory of Universal Harmony as a Clandestine Bearer of Orthodox Beliefs
  • Adem Merter Birson, “A Beautiful Voice from the Heavens”: Pitch-Centered Analysis of Turkish Makam Using Cantemir's Edvar (c.1700)

11:00-12:30 ET

Mentoring Students: Considerations, Practices, and Resources

Sponsored by the SMT Professional Development Committee
Greg Decker (Bowling Green State University), Organizer; Don McLean (University of Toronto), Moderator; Daphne Tan (University of Toronto), Graham G. Hunt (University of Texas at Arlington), Anna Gawboy (Ohio State University), David Pacun (Ithaca College), Panelists

Poster Session 3: Computer-Aided Analysis / Interrogating Riemann

Jocelyn Neal, Chair

  • Luke Poeppel, Notre Oiseaux: A Computational Study of the Messiaen Birdsong Transcriptions of New Caledonia
  • Michael Clarke, Frédéric Dufeu, Keitaro Takahashi, and Axel Roebel, A Case Study in Using Interactive Aural Software for the Analysis of Spectral Music: Liza Lim’s ‘An Elemental Thing’
  • Kája Lill, Karel Janeček’s Lydian and Phrygian Functions: Reconsidering Riemann in Light of His Czech Reception
  • David Bashwiner, Was Riemann Wrong? Reassessing the Subharmonic Series
Jazz: Improvisation/Polyrhythm

Keith Waters, Chair

  • Guy Capuzzo, Composition, Improvisation, and Macroharmony in Henry Threadgill’s Sixfivetwo
  • Rich Pellegrin, Salience, Triads, and Transformational Counterpoint in Robert Glasper’s Improvisation on “North Portland”
  • Sean R. Smither, “Pulling Apart” and “Floating Above”: Cross-Rhythmic Metric Divergence in Jazz Improvisation
Neo-Riemannian Excursions

Julian Hook, Chair

  • Florian Walch, Experiencing Mozart's Double Syntax in Three Parts: Chromatic Sequence and Expectation in the Divertimento in E♭ major, K. 563, I
  • William O’Hara, Octatonic-Triadic Cycles and Amy Beach’s “Autumn Song”
  • M. A. Coury-Hall, Rogue Symmetry: The Groupoid of Riemannian UTTs