Sunday 4:15-5:45 ET

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Demystifying The Peer Review Process

Jack Boss (University of Oregon; SMT Publications Committee Chair), Moderator
Peter Smith (University of Notre Dame; Editor of Music Theory Spectrum), Mitchell Ohriner (University of Denver; Editor of Music Theory Online), Megan Kaes Long (Oberlin College & Conservatory; Editor of SMT-V), Panelists

Successfully publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals is the cornerstone of tenure and promotion procedures at many institutions, and, increasingly, a primary way in which graduate students prepare for success in the job market. Yet processes of submission, revision, and acceptance vary widely across publications and are often veiled from authors. This veil takes the form of a “hidden curriculum,” practices known to some in the field but rarely explicitly stated. This session brings together the editors of the Society’s scholarly publications—Music Theory Spectrum, Music Theory Online, and SMT-V—to publicize and discuss their current editorial practices and changes made in response to recent initiatives inside and outside of the SMT. Many of these changes focus on the intersection of peer review and issues of race and gender. Each editor will make a brief presentation, but much of the session will be reserved for discussion amongst the editors with prospective authors in attendance. It is hoped that attendees can be better prepared to submit their work for peer review and more confident in their interactions with the Society’s current editors.