Saturday, November 7, 9:00–12:00 CST

9:00–9:45 CST

Morning Yoga Session (AMS Platform)

10:00–10:50 CST

Chinese Music and Chinese Music Theory

Ya-Hui Cheng, Chair

  • Anna Yu Wang, The Cultural Binds of Tonal Function
  • Lars Christensen, The Disunity of Ancient Chinese Music Theory
Forces, Energy, and Balance

Sarah Marlowe, Chair

  • Peter Franck, A Performative Perspective of Voice Leading
  • John Reef, Bach’s Energetic Shapes
  • Tobias Tschiedl, Balancing, Not Balance/Imbalance: The “Melodic Center of Mass” as a Time-Dependent, Continuous Substitute for Atemporal, Discrete Inversional Axes
Meter and Time Poster Session

Rebecca Jemian, Chair

  • Kaho Inoue, Connoted Semibreves in Pre-Franconian Theory
  • Grant Sawatzky, Generative Meter and Phrase-Rhythmic Multivalence in Three Slavic Folk Tunes
  • Rachel Mann, Temporal Techniques in the Serial Music of Roberto Gerhard
  • Scott C. Schumann, Rhythmic Cycles and Ostinati as Formal Process in the Music of Tigran Hamasyan
  • David Geary, Analyzing Drum Patterns and Drum Pattern Changes in Twenty-First Century Mainstream Pop
Work and Family Interest Group

Yonatan Malin, Chair

  • Clare Sher Ling Eng, Teaching Chromatic Harmony with Children’s Music
  • Antonella DiGiulio, Music Theory in Early Childhood: An Integration of Structured and Unstructured Learning
  • Alfred Cramer and YouYoung Kang, Ruth Crawford Seeger and Songs for Children

11:00-11:50 CST

Fraught Intersections between Music Theory and its 'Others'

Philip Ewell, Chair

  • Liam Hynes-Tawa, Becoming a Major Country: Modal Binaries in Imperial Japan
  • Clifton Boyd, “What Are We Trying to Preserve?” Vernacular Music Theory in the Barbershop Harmony Society
  • Marc Edward Hannaford, Fugitive Music Theory: Outlining a Diverse Network of Practices and Practitioners

Seth Monahan, Chair

  • Emma Soldaat, Structural Self-Reflection as Formal Determinant: Pure Memory and Mahler’s Symphony no. 5
  • Sam Reenan, The “Rondo” and the “Burleske” in Mahler’s Rondo-Burleske
Post-1945 Music Analysis Interest Group

Laura Emmery and Antares Boyle, co-chairs

Early Music Analysis Group

Carolann Buff, Chair