Friday, November 5, 12:45 ET

12:45-2:15 ET

Pop Vocals

Johanna Devaney, Chair

  • Emily Milius, Voice as Trauma Recovery: Vocal Timbre in Kesha’s “Praying”
  • Drew Nobile, Alanis Morissette’s Voices
  • Mary Blake Rose, That’s the Way I Am, Heaven Help Me: The Role of Pronunciation in Billy Bragg’s Recordings
Performative Challenges

Daphne Leong, Chair

  • Christa Cole, “And the Nightingale Sings…”: Performative Effort in Elisabeth Lutyens’s The Valley of Hatsuse, Op. 62
  • Ben Duinker, Unpacking Interpretive Difficulty in Contemporary Music
  • Kara Yoo Leaman, Techniques of a Musician-Dancer: Analysis of an Improvised Tap Dance Performance by Dormeshia
New Perspectives On Tonality

Daniel Harrison, Chair

  • Trevor deClercq, The Logic of Six-Based Minor for Harmonic Analyses of Popular Music
  • Brad Osborn, Dual Leading-Tone Loops in Recent Multimedia
  • Gabriel Venegas-Carro and Gabriel Navia, Plagal Orientation in Tonal Music: A Syntactic Approach

12:45-4:00 ET

Voice, Sexuality, and Embodiment in Black Worship

Sponsored by the Committee on LGBTQ+ Issues

Fred Maus (University of Virginia), Organizer

Part 1: Suzannah Clark (Harvard University), Chair; Ashon Crawley (University of Virginia, Religious Studies), Presenter; and Vivian Luong (University of Oklahoma), Respondent

Part 2: Fred Maus (University of Virginia), Chair; Alisha Lola Jones (Indiana University), Presenter; Stephan Pennington (Tufts University), Respondent

Part 3: Open conversation about LGBTQ issues and professional life (research, teaching, work-place)