Friday 12:45-4:00 ET

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Voice, Sexuality, and Embodiment in Black Worship

Fred Maus (University of Virginia), Organizer

Part 1: Suzannah Clark (Harvard University), Chair; Ashon Crawley (University of Virginia, Religious Studies), Presenter; and Vivian Luong (University of Oklahoma), Respondent

Part 2: Fred Maus (University of Virginia), Chair; Alisha Lola Jones (Indiana University), Presenter; Stephan Pennington (Tufts University), Respondent

Part 3: Open conversation about LGBTQ issues and professional life (research, teaching, work-place)

The new Committee on LGBTQ+ Issues will host a 180-minute session at the 2021 Annual Meeting. Two hours will be devoted to presentations by guest speakers with response and discussion. The remaining hour will be for open discussion of issues in the professional lives of LGBTQ+ music theorists and music scholars.

Two outstanding scholars of Black worship experience will present on interactions of music, embodiment, and sexuality in Black worship contexts, especially Pentecostal. We will have a response from a music theorist who has done subtle work on love and embodiment in musical experience and a musicologist who has done detailed work on the analysis of vocal performance in relation to gender and sexuality.